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“How can I get involved in PCMEA?”


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Do you LOVE music? Do you have strong Leadership Skills?
PCMEA wants YOU!

What is PCMEA?
Pennsylvania Collegiate Music Educator’s Association consists of a select group of students, representing each district in Pennsylvania. Each year, PCMEA members elect a President-elect, Regional Coordinators, and a Technology Coordinator. A Secretary is nominated by the President. This Executive Board meets periodically throughout the year and represents all pre-music educators in throughout Pennsylvania.

Which position is best for me? In order to qualify for any position, you must be:

Roles of the President:

  • Preside over all meetings of PCMEA
  • Be responsible for all correspondence and business matters
  • Supervise the coordination of collegiate-oriented sessions at the PMEA In-Service Conference
  • Submit the “PCMEA Article” to the PMEA News Editor
  • Serve as an Ex-Officio member of the PMEA Executive Council when invited by the PMEA


  • Assist the President in fulfilling the duties of the office and assume all duties
  • and responsibilities of the President if he/she is absent
  • Supervise and release the PCMEA directory
  • Must be available to become President after one term as president elect

Regional Coordinator:

  • Serve on the PCMEA Executive Board
  • Be responsible for the organization and supervision of regional workshops
  • Serve as a communication link between the PCMEA Executive Board and the local chapters in his/her region

Members: All members are welcome to attend any of the 4 board meetings held each year to discuss problems or concerns within their specific Universities. Also, each member is encouraged to vote at elections held each year at the PMEA spring workshops.

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